Isu-Isu Keetikaan dalam Penulisan Akademik Berkumpulan [Unethical Issues on Academic Writings Group]

  • Wan Mohd Khairul Firdaus Wan Khairuldin
  • Wan Nur Izzati Wan Nor Anas
  • Roslan Umar
  • Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin
  • Abdul Hanis Embong
Keywords: Academic Authorship, Group Writing,, Academia,, Unethical




In the academic world, the authors and the publication of academic writing are inseparable. By publishing academic writing, academicians can improve their performance and increase their visibility in academia. However, academic writing is not an easy thing, as it is directly tied to the ethics of academic authorship. However, there have been several forms of unethical identified in academic authorship. Among them is the unethical placement of the author's name. This dishonesty certainly has a negative impact on the world of scholarship because those who are in this world of scholarship are said to have the nature of high integrity. Among the main causes of this problem is the need to achieve annual target. Is academic authorship tied to the ethics of academic authorship? What are the forms of dishonesty in academic authorship? There are two main objectives in solving the question. First, explain the ethics of academic authorship. Second, explain the forms of dishonesty specifically related to naming groups of authors in academic writing. The documentation method is carried out to obtain data related to ethics and forms of dishonesty in academic writing to achieve these objectives. The collected data were analyzed by content analysis to explain the inaccuracies in author nomination in academic writing. This study found that academic authorship is bound by its ethics as authoritative and recognized writing. One of the most common frauds is to put the name of an author or a group of authors who contributed to academic authorship. However, there are two main forms of academic dishonesty: putting the name of the individual as the author despite not contributing to the authorship and not putting the name of the contributing author in the authorship. This practice violates the ethics of academic authorship.

Keywords: Academic Authorship, Group Writing, Academia, Unethical