[MS] Impak Neuropsikolinguistik dalam Penguasaan bahasa Pertama terhadap Penggunaan Gajet oleh Kanak-Kanak.

The Impact of Neuropsycholinguistics in First Language Proficiency on Gadget Usage by Children

  • Noridayu Abd Nasir Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Hazlina Abdul Halim Universiti Putra Malaysia
Keywords: children’s neuropsycholinguistic, proficiency of first language, gadgets


The usage of gadgets for children has an impact on the mastery of the vocabulary of the used in the application. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to identify an extend to which gadgets have an effect on children’s first language mastery. In fact, the study aims to relate the relationship between Jean Piaget’s Theory and neuropsycholinguistic aspect with the level of mastery of children’s first language. In addition, it aims to examine an extend to which children’s social interactions impact the usage of gadgets in their lives. The findings of the study showed that children are more likely to mastery the vocabulary of the language usage in gadget compared to the vocabulary of the formal first language. In fact, excessive usage of gadgets causes children to experience problems in their social interactions. Through the findings of this study, it is explained that it is necessary to control the usage of gadgets. However, the usage of gadgets has an advantage in the mastery of English vocabulary through from an application usage the gadgets.