[MS] Malek Bennabi's Historical Context and Historiography of the 20th Century.

  • Muhammad Syakur Ahmad The National University of Malaysia
  • Azmul Fahimi Kamaruzaman The National University of Malaysia
Keywords: historical context, Malek Bennabi, Algeria, 20th century, historiography


The Western occupation of the Muslim world in the early 20th century saw instability in the Islamic system of life as a result of the total collapse of the Ottoman Turkish central government in 1923. In this regard, al-Buti's views in the book 'Manhaj al-Hadharatul Soft Fi al-Quran' (1998) that address the question of Islamic civilization with its elements echo some of the statements that Malek Bennabi (1905-1973) was the only Muslim thinker responds specifically to the development through his works. Thus, this qualitative study was conducted to re-examine Malek Bennabi's historical context. In addition, the study aims to classify Bennabi's historiographical genres as well as determine the number of translations based on tables and diagrams. The study data were collected using documentation and analysis based on Bennabi's autobiographical corpus and its historiography. In the process of data analysis, it uses two methods: content analysis method and descriptive analysis. The results show that Bennabi was a knowledgeable Islamic intellectual with extensive knowledge in various disciplines and was a fighter behind the scenes in Algerian society in the 20th century. In addition, Bennabi's social, political, and intellectual contexts reflect throughout his life in the face of various challenges in Algiers, Paris and Cairo. The findings show that Malek Bennabi was an original thinker who successfully made systematic contributions. He focused more on the civilization genre in his writing. In addition to the knowledge of science related to engineering, Bennabi's mastery also produced a number of social works such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, philosophy and economics. This, in turn, makes his thinking and analysis in his historiography seem more systematic, complex and ideal. The entire historiography of Malek Bennabi's development after his death has justified his historical work to be mapped among reformist figures in the Islamic world.historical context, Malek Bennabi, Algeria, 20th century, historiography.