[ARB] Fiqhu al-Ihya’ al-Ayātihi wa Maqāṣiduhu

Jurisprudence of Revival: Its Mechanisms and Purposes

  • Mohamed Hamadikinane Maiga Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
Keywords: jurisprudence of revival, mechanisms,, purposes, renaissance, revival of the dead Land


Today, the world is experiencing multidimensional conflicts characterized by violence against humanity and its environment, Whereas, life is a common right among all living things, especially man, by virtue of his centrality in life and his leadership of the course of life and its organization in a manner that achieves security and safety for the human being himself in his environmental surroundings. Based on this background, the research aims to clarify the reality of revival and its general and specific concept, and to reveal the mechanisms and purposes of revival. The methodology used is the descriptive analytical approach based on defining the research framework, then collecting data from its various sources, classifying it scientifically and then discussing it in order to achieve the research objectives. As for the literature reviews, we founded that, they are all differ from this research in terms of the formulation of the title, and in terms of content, because those studies did not clearly define the mechanisms of revival and did not address the statement of the purposes of revival. The research concluded that revival is a comprehensive term for everything that achieves common interests among people in terms of ensuring security from fear and hunger. Islam set mechanisms for revival that are summarized in piety and righteousness, earning and spending, mercy and kindness, altruistic sacrifice. The research also concluded that the purposes of the revival are to preserve the five necessities by spreading a culture of peace and justice in the world..