[EN] Assessing occupational level of awareness for safety and health in higher education: A case study at Bentong Community College

  • Khairiana Razali Kolej Komuniti Bentong
  • Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Kolej Komuniti Bentong
  • Norzi Ngavi Kolej Komuniti Bentong
Keywords: safety, level of awareness, health, safety practices


Safety is the most important aspect of an organization. Most of the common accidents that occur are caused by negligence and lack of knowledge in handling emergency situations. This study aims to measure the level of awareness of safety practices which includes aspects of safety and health training, aspects of emergency preparation, aspects of complaints and accident investigations as well as aspects of awareness of commitment and safety behavior among staff at Bentong Community College. The instrument used in this study is a questionnaire distributed in the google form to the 43 respondents of staff Bentong Community College. The findings of the data analysis are using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics which are mean, frequency and percentage using SPSS software version 29. Overall, the findings of this study show that the level of awareness of staff at Bentong Community College in implementing and practicing safety in the institution is at a high level. This shows that Bentong Community College staff are aware of the importance of safety and health training (mean : 4.67). In addition, the preparation of emergency actions as well as the level of awareness of investigating accidents that occur are also among those agreed in this study (mean : 4.26). This proves that the staff of Bentong Community College are ready to give commitment and have positive safety behavior in themselves. Based on the findings, it is hoped that this study can benefit all parties involved and some suggestions have been proposed to improve the quality of safety in higher education institutions for example this study also does not limit to staff only. Cleaning contractors and security guards may also be involved.