[MS] Kajian Terhadap Building Energy Index (BEI) di Kolej Komuniti Temerloh

Study on Building Energy Index (BEI) at Temerloh Community College, Malaysia

  • Muhammad Iswan Ismail Kolej Komuniti Temerloh
  • Mohd Yusof Yaziz Kolej Komuniti Temerloh
Keywords: Building Energy Index (BEI), Temerloh Community College, index value, achievement


This paper presents the findings of a study on the Building Energy Index (BEI) for Temerloh Community College. According to the Energy Commission (EC), the Building Energy Index (BEI) is a benchmarking method for monitoring the energy performance of buildings by referring to the energy intensity used per square meter. The index is calculated by taking the ratio between the annual energy consumption of the building (kWh/year) and the net floor area (NFA) of the building. According to the MS1525:2007 standard, the recommended Building Energy Index (BEI) in Malaysia is 135 kWh/m²/year, and it is rated as 3 stars within the BEI range set by the Energy Commission. However, almost the entire building does not meet this standard. Building owners or users are unaware of whether their buildings meet these requirements. The question is whether Temerloh Community College meets this recommended standard. The main objective of this study is to examine the value of the BEI for this campus building and then identify factors that affect energy consumption and costs. To obtain basic information and data, analysis is conducted based on collected data, on-site surveys, and qualitative assessments of the building and its systems. Based on the BEI calculations, the college recorded a BEI value of 53.24 kWh/m²/year (high energy efficiency) in 2020, the lowest BEI value of 43.60 kWh/m²/year (very high energy efficiency) in 2021, and the BEI value of 52.78 kWh/m²/year (very high energy efficiency) in 2022. Based on these findings, several suggestions and improvements will be provided to accelerate efforts to make government buildings energy-efficient through the "Government Leading by Example" policy.