Pembangunan Wakaf Di Terengganu: Kajian Terhadap Kedudukan ‘Sijil Perakuan Siap Dan Pematuhan’ Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Ccc) [Waqf Development in Terengganu: A Study Towards the Position of Certificate of Completion and Compliance (Ccc)

  • Mohd Ridzuan Mohamad mohd ridzuan bin mohamad
Keywords: Pembangunan wakaf, Certificate Of Completion And Compliance (CCC), Majlis Agama Islam Dan Adat Melayu Terengganu (MAIDAM).


Development of waqf land is an important task that must be performed by the State Islamic Religious Council (MAIN). In Terengganu, Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council of Terengganu (MAIDAM) is an agency in responsibility of managing all affairs of waqf land. Therefore, there are challenges in developing waqf land especially regarding the position of Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC). To recognize the challenge, this study was performed through qualitative research while the approach was based on exploratory research. Besides library study, field study was also employed which was through interview process with a few of MAIDAM waqf officers. Findings of this study indicated that CCC could not be applied to waqf development in Terengganu due to fatwa decision prohibiting it. Consequently, the MAIDAM has collaborated with the agencies involved in CCC management especially Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) through usage of specific documents so that the position of CCC can be resolved.