Model Pengurusan Wakafpreneur Kontemporari: Kajian Kes di Institut Wakafpreneur Indonesia [Management Contemporary of Wakfpreneur Model]

  • Mohamad Saufee Anuar
  • Mohd Sollehudin Shuib
  • Imam Nur Azis
Keywords: wakafpreneur, filantropi Islam, keusahawanan, wakaf


Malaysia as an Islamic state has implemented various Islamic phylantrophic initiatives. Yet there are more philanthropic sides such as waqfreneur models not yet fully developed in the country. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to study the concepts and models of existing waqfprenuer and new models that can be proposed based on practices in other countries. Waqfreneur models in Indonesia will be the basis of this study. Wakafpreneur in Indonesia is an initiative to develop waqf models through entrepreneurs. Interview and document observation was used to get the data. The findings showed that there are three types of models in the formation of corporate waqf and waqf entrepreneurs. The findings can be used as a reference in order to further expand the idea of waqf in the future entrepreneurial business.