Jamaliyyah Al-Lughah As-Syi’riyyah Bayna Qasidatai “Ashiq Min Filastin” Li Mahmoud Darwish Wa “Talang Di Langit Falastin” Li Dheni Kurnia: Dirasah Muqaranah

  • Nur Farhana Mohamad Zainol
  • Nursafira Lubis Safian
Keywords: : Palestinian literature, Malay literature, comparative literature, Mahmoud Darwish, Dheni Kurnia.


Mahmoud Darwish and Dheni Kurnia both are contemporary poets who use their poems to defend the land of Palestine. Mahmoud Darwish is of Arab origin, while Dheni Kurnia originated from the Malay land. Both of them play an important role in increasing the value of poem literature, especially in emphasizing the Palestinian cause through their writing. In fact, their poems were recognized through various awards. Because of that, researchers choose to analyze their respective poems, hence they come out with comparative study between these two poems, Āsyik min Filastin”, by a Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and “Talang di Langit Filastin”, by an Indonesian poet Dheni Kurnia. The objective of this research is to emphasize the creative writing of the two poems, as well as to examine the similarities and differences between them. This research adopted the School of American methodology in which it compares the similarities and differences between two different poems. In addition, the descriptive method is used to describe and analyze the aesthetic elements in both poems in terms of their linguistics and rhetoric. In the end of the study, the researchers found that both poets used interesting poetic imagery in their poems to portray the Palestinian cause. However, Mahmoud Darwish used this element more than Dheni Kurnia, and this is surely to ensure that the reader can really feel the hope and the pain felt by the Palestinians. Meanwhile from the linguistic perspective, the researchers observe that Mahmoud Darwish uses a lot of verbal sentences showing that he is hoping for the freedom of his country whereas Dheni Kurnia’s poem varied by the usage of more nominal sentences which represent a simpler and direct meaning so that it can be easily understood.