[AR] The Onus of Jihad for Children and Teenagers According to Shariah And Legal Perspectives

  • Ibnor Azli Ibrahim The National University of Malaysia
  • Abd Alraheem Amhimmid Salim Abu Sayf The National University of Malaysia
  • Ezad Azraai Jamsari The National University of Malaysia
Keywords: jihad, children, teenagers, shariah, legal


War crises around the world nowadays have landed many countries in the conflicts in a situation in which children are taken advantage and recruited as child soldiers either voluntarily or by force. Islam and the law have their own stance on this issue and law enforcement in an atmosphere of conflict is difficult to realize. This study aims to closely examine the Shariah and legal definitions of children and adolescents or teenagers and then look into the stages these children and adolescents undergo. This study also analyzes the Shariah stand on the issue of their exploitation in armed or jihad movements. This study employed qualitative methods of content analysis by accumulating and analyzing data from various legal and shariah sources to obtain a clear stance from the Shariah and legal viewpoints pertaining to the issue raised. This study discovered that Islam and the law have parallel views on the issue of children and teenagers exploitation in armed conflicts. The Shariah also has clear rules in determining the stages children and adolescents go through in their journey towards adulthood.