Using Formalistic Approach to Analyse Malay Artefact, Kukuran into its Classification

  • Zulkfli Md Yusoff Zulkfli Bin Md Yusoff
Keywords: formalistic, approach, artefact, Malay, kukuran, classification


Initially the creation of kukuran probably began as a simple seat straddled with a sharp iron grater protruding at the end. From a simple shape of kukuran, it evolved to more complex styles of design. The splendid achievement of Malay civilization is reflected in the form of art physically and spiritually. The formal analysis is the work of describing and assessing the visual and material appearance of artworks. This formal analysis stressed the development of a technical language for description of the art work, so that the analysis can be depicted and addressed. Formal analysis describes the work of art and trying to understand the artists or craftsmen want to convey. These visual images are analysed into formalistic and pre-iconographical in order to reveal to its characteristics. It establishes categories of systematic definitions and thought to express point of view about the kukuran characteristics. The characteristics of kukuran constitute the basis for its classification. The analysis embarks on three major stages which are characteristics extraction, characteristics comparison, and classification techniques. The characteristics extraction stage captures the visual formal composition qualities of kukuran. After extracting the required characteristics, the image than been compare to the characteristics in appropriate manner. Later, these visual images have describes and clarifies the visual composition and vital ornaments representational in order to reveal its significance characteristics. Finally, these characteristics classified accordingly to its analysis of the extraction characteristics. Finally, the finding concludes that kukuran design are divided into four major group which are zoomorphic design, anthropomorphic design, modern design and utility design. It shows the splendid achievement of Malay civilization reflected in the form of art physically and spiritually.