[MS] The Suitability of Mutawatir Concept As One of Research Methods in Islam

  • Nur Sakiinah Ab Aziz
  • Shahir Akram Hassan
  • Mohd Borhanuddin Zakaria
  • Mohamed Fathy Mohamed Abdelgelil
  • Mostafa Hassan Mohamed El Khayat
Keywords: Validity of data, Mutawatir, Qiraat, the research methodology is based on Islam


Sanad mutawatir is one of the most important in terms of determining a month as qiraat qiraat it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. When a qira'at have a chain that reaches the level of mutawatir, then it is recognized as one of al-Qur'an qiraat authentic and valid read it counted as worship either in prayer or outside prayer. With the elements consecutively in a qiraat, qiraat position can be confirmed as one qiraat mutawatirah. The concept of mutawatir in this Qiraat views can be used in scientific research studies nowadays. Hence, this paper aims to identify the concept of mutawatir in the next Qiraat mutawatir analyze the suitability of the concept in the context of determining the validity of research data. The question is whether the elements in the concept of mutawatir? How does this concept mutawatir capable and suitable to be used in determining the validity of the data? To answer both of these questions, this paper uses the method library and textual analysis. This paper finds that there are at least two elements in this concept of the nature of the narrator and the number of transmitters at each stage of data collection. Both of these elements lead to a strengthening of data provided