[MS] Management of Islamic Affairs (PHEI) Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) on Economic Development of Islamic Community in The State of Selangor

  • Abdul Qahhar Ibrahim
  • Noorsafuan Che Noh
  • Mohd Borhanuddin Zakaria
Keywords: MAIS, Ekonomi, Selangor


The formation of Malaysia is based on the indivisibility between various states as well as the existence of various ethnic groups, thus constituting a lifeline to many in Malaysia in terms of religion, culture, social and economic. Therefore, to maintain the development and management of the affairs of the state religion, it has established a special institution that is responsible for ensuring that the position of Islam and its people are protected and advanced against. In Selangor in particular, has established a body of religious authority in managing the affairs of Muslim states, namely Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS). The agency has a number of specific roles according to what is stipulated in Islamic Religious Administration Enactment Selangor State which is the square root of the MAIS. Articles written aims to examine the extent of the role and implementation of the MAIS in terms of economic development of the Muslim community in the state. This is because the management of the affairs of Muslims is not confined to the purely social aspect rather it covers every aspect of a Muslim's life itself. The study found that indeed MAIS has a great role and functions in the economic development of Muslims in Selangor. This is based on the key policy MAIS that emphasize economic development and social welfare of the Muslim community of the country. Therefore, all efforts of the religious body should be commended and assisted in ensuring the continuity of Islamic Affairs Management (PHEI) always advanced and effective in accordance with the times, especially in the economic and social aspects.