[MS] Understanding The Parents of Parenting Skills by Islamic Perspective

  • Izzah Nur Aida Raffar miss
  • Salasiah Hanin Hamjah
  • Adawiyah Ismail
Keywords: Understanding, Father, Mother, Parenting Skill, Family


Parents serve as role models through the examples they set with their attitude and behaviour within the family. However, recently various domestic problems and family conflicts such as homicide, physical and sexual abuse and educational neglect are linked to the negative attitude of parents towards their children. This indicates that some parents are unaware of the effective parenting skills whereby accurate guidelines are necessary for improvements. Hence, a research was conducted to study their knowledge and understanding towards parenting skills in accordance to Islamic perspective. The research design employed survey questionnaires on selected 384 parents from Putrajaya. The collected data was then analysed using a descriptive statistical technique and software SPSS version 22. The research findings reveal that the respondents have shown understandings on the concept of Islamic Parenting Skills in terms of maintaining good relationships with Allah and people, being a main mentor to the children, positive child discipline methods, monitoring of childrens' freedom and parental authority. Through the implications of the research, it can assist parents in learning the basics of Islamic Parenting Skills to educate their children. Additionally, the research findings are used in the "Development of More Effective Parenting and Family" Program conducted by government parties including LPPKN, JKM and JAKIM.