[MS] Platform Bahan Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab Interaktif dalam Proses P&P: Kajian Awal Keperluan di USIM 

[Interactive Learning Arabic Materials Platform in T&L Process:   A Preliminary Study at USIM]

  • Azlan Shaiful Baharum Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Ummu Hani Abas Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Ahmad Asyraf Mat Ali Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohd Naser Mohd Sabri Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohamad Hazwan Abdul Rahman Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohamad Shukri Yazid Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Keywords: Need analysis, Interactive Platform, Learning, Arabic Language, USIM


Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) mandates that all its students acquire proficiency in speaking Arabic. It is covered in the curriculum and module on developing fluent Arabic communication skills. This study was designed to assess the effectiveness of Arabic language teaching platforms that could be used to improve Arabic skills. This platform will provide a digital platform that collects a list of interactive and effective Arabic language learning websites, online dictionaries that are based on students' personal interests and are also easy to use (Self-Explanatory and Self-delivery). A brief survey was completed by 647 Tamhidi Centre students from various programs. The preliminary study's findings revealed that respondents were optimistic about this digital platform. It will have a significant impact on students, lecturers, the Tamhidi Centre, and USIM as whole because it adds value to strengthening speaking skills among Tamhidi Centre students and USIM. As a result, it is hoped that this study will serve as a good starting point for developing the first platform for collecting all structured and systematic Arabic language learning websites and applications based on the students' Arabic language proficiency. It is very important to increase the students of Tamhidi Centre confidence level in Arabic language skills especially the speaking skill.